Monday, January 12, 2009

Market wrap-up

Hello! To new readers from the Port Elliott market. I'm very excited to have you here and, as you may very well be the first-ever readers of this blog, I would love it if you could leave a comment.
I'm sorry but this is the only picture I managed to take on the day.
My camera died on me after I took this one. I'll blame the IT Director (Chris) for that one. He told me when I returned home that there are spare batteries in the camera case. Oh, that's useful information. Actually I had a few cases of mummy-brain yesterday. "So you want to buy three things? Hmm, let's see. Well that's $ $ $3....? Hmmm.....$10? $10? Britta is that $10? Customer is that $10? That will be $10 please." I must remember to engage my brain (or perhaps just take a calculator) for the next market.
Those are not customers in the above photo. That is Britta in the blue jumper and her very lovely and supportive parents. We did have some real customers too though. Lots of them. Lots of bargain hunters especially. The biggest hit of the day was my $5 bargain bin which was full of well, rejects really. Designs that I wasn't quite happy with or that didn't quite turn out the way I planned. One of the skirts was perfectly fine but had a twisted waistband, for example.

I'm glad I didn't stay up late the night before sewing more fabric necklaces as I had planned. I didn't sell a single one! Lots of people were intrigued by them. They would pick them up and have a close look but then put them down again without making a purchase. Does this mean the price was too expensive? I think that's what that means. I will re-think it for the next market. We will be back at Port Elliott on the 25th of January but in the meantime we will be attending the big kahuna of markets in Adelaide..........Gilles St! As it turns out, it's not what you know in the fashion industry, it's who you know (ha!ha!).
I hope I find my un-picker before next Sunday because I sure have a lot of sewing to do between now and then.

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