Wednesday, January 28, 2009


OK, I'm not one to complain about the weather. I actually think Adelaide's climate is sublime and the weather very rarely curtails our plans for the day which is how we like it. However, have you seen the weather forecast??? Nothing under 40 for about the next week. And have I mentioned that our air conditioner is broken? Mmm. Well it is.

Nothing to wear out for dinner? I can fix that.
Hole in your pants? I can fix that.
Cold head? Let me knit you a beanie. I can fix that.
Skirt too big? I can fix that.
Pants too long? I can fix that.
GFC means you can't afford to buy new clothes? I can fix that.

Broken air conditioner? Sorry, can't fix that.

The good news is that the aircon fixit person is coming today so hopefully we'll be frosty again by tonight. Otherwise I'll really be complaining.

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