Thursday, January 15, 2009

Green is the new black

Hours spent searching for the perfect tea towel to make these grocery bags: 2

Perfect tea towels found: 1

Number of grumpy children I'm going to have tomorrow after I drag them around searching for more perfect tea towels: 2 (and a grumpy mummy too if I don't find any!)

I saw these on and Gina very kindly gave me permission to make some to sell at the markets. Plastic bags are being phased out in South Australia and supermarket green bags are just hideous so these are a wonderful (fashionable) easy to sew alternative.

I like Gina's blog a lot and I think I'm going to like Gina too (she might come to the Gilles St markets on Sunday to say g'day). She homebirths, co-sleeps and sews. A trifecta!

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