Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Goodness gracious me!

The remnants box is my favourite part of every Spotlight visit. They sell the ends of rolls at $2/metre and I always seem to find great fabrics in there. Sometimes I pick up fabric I wouldn't normally choose but because I can't resist a bargain I take it home, add it to my stash and can almost always find a use for it. This teapot fabric, for example .

I have been known to hover around the remnants box and do a helicopter-like swoop when new goodies are added. This pastime is especially fruitful when Spotlight are having a sale because they are cutting so much fabric.

By far my best purchase has been this fabric:

32 metres for $17! That's less than $2 a metre. At first I thought there must've been some kind of mistake. All that gorgeous fabric? For such a low price? What are they thinking? Then I thought maybe they know something I don't know. Maybe there's a reason it's on sale. Maybe the fabric is actually completely hideous and that is obvious to every other customer but me. So I picked it up and walked around with it for a while and decided that no, it's not completely hideous. It's actually quite lovely. It's actually something I would've happily paid full price for. But wait, it gets better. When I went to pay for it it wasn't $17. It had been marked down to only $5. Yes, $5. Oh the fabric Gods were smiling on me that day. The only problem was lugging it home on the tram. Mind you, after grabbing such a fabulous bargain I didn't care how ridiculous I looked (and there were some far stranger weirdos using Friday night public transport than me, that's for sure!)

Now, what to sew? Some ginormo-bags to start.

For myself and just about every person I know. I used this tutorial I never thought I would need a bag that big but I actually use it every day. Great for the beach, the shops, the park, the library. Now, what to do with the other 25 or so metres.......?

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