Thursday, January 29, 2009

Forced hibernation

I've worked through denial and anger and I'm into the acceptance phase now.
We're sitting in our enclave of cool with the blinds closed and 3 fans blowing straight on us. Rory is harassing the bird and the cat who are usually outside and I'm knitting. Knitting???
Yes, knitting. An ice vest perhaps? Or a stubbie cooler? No, no. I'm knitting a beanie. As you do when you're in the middle of a 45 degree heat wave.
It's a present for my cousin's new baby. Not that little Charlie will be wearing it anytime soon. I've made it to fit a 6 month old so they can put it away for when the weather cools down.

The beanie is little version of this adult one from Martha Stewart. This is such a simple pattern with great instructions. It helped me make the leap from being a scarf only knitter to knitting other things.
Which other things? Well, I have borrowed The Expectant Knitter from the library and I'm all inspired now. It may sound odd to be knitting in this weather, but really, there's no better activity for when you're forced to sit in one spot all day.

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