Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Applique Ok

Woohoo gotta love sewing Wednesday! Most days we tend to dawdle a bit in the mornings but not today. Those kids were fed, dressed and out the door quick as a flash. I do love them but I love sewing in peace too.

I've never really done much applique before but I had a gazillion singlets left over from my pyjama sewing phase (you can only buy the singlets in packs of 5) so I thought I'd jazz them up a bit for the next market.
I'm happy with how they turned out and it was a good way to use up fabric scraps and odd bits of ribbon but, you know, the whole sew each stitch by manually turning the balance wheel because I'm so crap at precision sewing was quite painstaking. Not the most fun I've had sewing that's for sure. I used Abby's playdough cookie cutters for the shapes as I have zero drawing ability. We seem to have lost the owl though which was my favourite.

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