Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thankyou secret santa!

For the 2 Amy Butler books you gave me for early Christmas with Chris' family. Can you read lists? Because that's exactly what was on there.
I had a good look through them when we got home last night. I can't decide what to make first. Actually, yes I can. I will be making some pants for lounging in. Cause I do that alot. And I need some pants to do it in. I might even make them out of an old sheet a la SouleMama I would also like to try a quilt and some of the softies were very cute. The book is a feast for the eyes. Such wonderful photography and delectable fabrics.
Chris' mum openened her apron and put it on with excitement you can't fake so I'm pretty sure she loved it. She did asked me later if I had any leftover fabric because she'd like the apron to have a "bib" (top part). She is a very practical person so yes I will make her a "bib" but that wasn't really the look I was going for. I have never enjoyed giving a present so much. That's what Christmas is all about. Oh, and watching your 3 year old open her Thomas the trains. It's all she wanted (well it's all she wanted a month ago when we first started talking about Christmas. Then it changed to a puzzle).
Yes, she dressed herself. Yes, she had to wear her summer party dress even though it was unseasonably cold. Yes, she had to wear her RED (which you can't see) tracksuit pants underneath her pink party dress. No, she wasn't not going to listen to my gentle persuasion to wear something more suitable.

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