Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The skirt that started it all

Just a few short months ago I was happily going about my days tending the veggie patch, preparing delicious meals and homemade snacks for my family and spending time with my friends.
Then one day I looked at the couch and decided it needed some new cushions. The old ones were as old as the couch itself and I bought the couch before I met Chris so that made them at least 7 years old. They were drab and dull and I was looking to spruce up our lounge room a little. I do this thing where every few months I'll wake up on a Sunday morning and say "this is all wrong" and proceed to rearrange all the furniture or paint a wall. Of course I'm working within some quite strict budgetary constraints when I do all this remodeling so buying new cushions wasn't really an option. Instead, I dusted off my sewing machine (which had barely seen the light of day since I made that batch of cushions 7+ years ago) and whipped up some funky new cushions while Chris was snoozing on the couch. What a transformation! And what fun! I was on a roll. Bibs, a quilt, the 'one hour skirt' (actually make that 4 x 1 hour skirts), pants and pyjamas. Then I hit a road block. My sewing machine is lucky it didn't get sold on Ebay after my attempt at making a "no sewing experience required" dress for Abby (Burda pattern 3026).
Driven by the need for some mummy time as much as my desire to improve my sewing, I enrolled myself in some lessons at the Sewing School The lovely Liz shared her knowledge with us and I had fun chatting with my fellow begginer sewers and whipping up new garments. Yes, garments. Fancy clothes with zips and ruffles and gathers and buttonholes. I just could not stop sewing!
Around this time my friend Britta mentioned that she was going to be selling her wares at the Norwood markets and asked if I would be interested in joining her. Initially I said no. I was having too much fun sewing for myself and my family. And besides, what would I sell? Enter the twirly skirt.
I made one for Abby. Then another and another. It was easy, fast and fun. I could make lots of these! I could sell these at the markets! I could be the next Collette Dinnigan!
So here I am 100 twirly skirts later. The veggie patch is a bit weedy and my family are having to fend for themselves and we've been having more takeout than ever and the house is a pig sty and my friends are feeling neglected but oh boy I'm having fun making these twirly skirts! Oh...and I'm not Collette Dinnigan....yet. Oh and I haven't conquered that dress yet either.

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