Saturday, December 13, 2008

Finally! A hat that doesn't suck

Well, this is my fourth attempt at sewing a hat and I've finally managed to make one that isn't too big or too small and actually resembles something you would wear on your head. This one is for my four year old nephew, Jack. He's into cars so I hope he likes it (and I hope it fits!)
Hats are fun to make and quick too which suits my need for instant gratification. And since they don't use up much fabric, they can be made from bits and pieces leftover from other projects. I also like playing around with the colours for the reverse side (a pale green on this one).
Hopefully I'll eventually be able to sew one that fits my head. Yes, the four failed attempts were going to be hats for me darn it. I'm stuck wearing my Big W bucket hat until I find time to have another go.

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